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Mental Housecleaning: A must-do activity for success

Source | LinkedIn | Peyush Bhatia | New Direction Life Coach, Business Coach, Therapist & Healer

Your mind has no mind of its own. It can’t think or evaluate your thoughts, whether good or bad, negative or positive. It just knows how to obey orders. It takes your words at its original value and tries to accommodate it in your life through relevant outcomes. Only if you could learn to control your mind, you could control your success and well-being.

But, how do you do that?

Well! Though mental housecleaning! Just as we cannot stay happy and healthy in a congested and messy physical space and feel the persistent need to clean it, our minds also need to be cleansed from negative and misleading thoughts. These thoughts can act like walls between us and our success. They can make way for sickness and unhappiness. Mental Housecleaning is thus an inevitable part of leading a healthy, happy and successful life. 

Here are some of the ways that can get you started-

Start with cleaning your house

As you tidy up your physical space, your mental space will automatically start getting organized. As you throw away the unwanted possessions or replace them with more desirable ones, you will be able to get rid of your mental clutter too. Once you learn to let go of unnecessary things, you will also be able to let go of the unneeded thoughts. Soon, your mind and it will start throwing away the negative thoughts and focus on more positive ones.

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