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Mentorship programs are the best way to combat Brain Drain and accelerate Recruiting and Retention !

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | Global People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work with HR Analytics Strategy expertise

💡 When senior employees leave the companies, they also take away valuable institutional knowledge and experience with them. Although many companies don’t currently offer mentorship programs, hiring managers and job seekers see the benefits in doing so.

📣 Around 2 in 5 companies offer mentorship program to reduce brain drain (41%) and keep older employees engaged (40%).

☝️ While mentorship programs are not a new concept, but are gaining popularity as a way to combat the “brain drain” in the current labor shortage.

💥 Majority of hiring managers believe job candidates are more attracted to companies offering mentorship programs.

🚩 More than 4 in 5 hiring managers (83%) feel these programs are absolutely essential in reducing brain drain, according to a new interesting research published by Express Employment Professionals in partnership with The Harris Poll using data 📊 from among 1,010 U.S. hiring decision-makers.

✅What is Brain Drain?

Brain drain

Researchers defined Brain Drain when older employees retire without sharing knowledge of how to do their job to younger generations or some research (by Frederic Docquier and Hillel Rapoport) called it “high-skill migration” – often associated with emigration of talents or expatriation.

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