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Methods To Enhance Knowledge Sharing In The Team

By | Ramran

As they say, knowledge shared is knowledge squared! The knowledge in an organisation is the tips and methods used by an individual or a group to improve productivity. The information can be documented or just a trick someone knows at the back of their hand.

Sharing knowledge helps the team or the individual to feel empowered over the process they know, and work towards bettering their potency.

How knowledge sharing affects the employees? 

  • It is rewarding to the employees. 
  • They are motivated to work better.
  • Instead of keeping these insights to themselves, they will be inclined to share the information.
  • It creates a healthy environment for every employee to participate.
  • It also proves that the change doesn’t have to come from hierarchy, and thus empower individuals to partake without having to worry if the idea is good or bad.

How do I boost the teams to share knowledge with each other?

Here are some tips that can help,

Access to the platforms that have all the information:

Create a drive where all the information is present and organised. With all the information available in one place, the employee can learn the things that he/she is not aware of. 

And not just that, those who want to create new information – can cross-check with the existing ones to verify there is no repeated information.

The right attitude gets the right results

As the saying goes, change starts with us. As a company, create a safe space for any employee to share their ideas. If you understand the basic psychology of a human, you’d know that validation creates happiness and encourages you to pursue higher limits.

Let the hierarchy set an example. Explain to them that failure is just the process to get to the road to success. There is no good or bad idea, there are just ideas and improvements. Inculcating such ideologies from the beginning ensures a positive outlook amongst employees.

Use effective tools

All the information dumped in one folder might be easier for some but, for most people, it can get really frustrating. Not everyone has enough time in their hands to check each item before they find what they need. So creating an AI platform that can help the employee find the information is not only time gathering but saves millions of dollars and productivity.

To help you create such an application, there are various experts available in the market. And you can find them easily by using this freemium tool This tool helps you find an email address of any expert from any country in just a matter of seconds. also comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account so finding the official contact of the profiles becomes easy.

Final thoughts

Over 90% of the employees would love to add value to the company, if not, become one. And as a firm, it is your responsibility to create a safe space for the individual to grow. 

With teams dispersed all around the geography and remote workings, it has become crucial than ever to create the right tools for sharing knowledge. 



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