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Michael Moore: “Where to Invade Next” | Talks at Google


Academy award winning filmmaker Michael Moore stopped by Google to discuss his latest film, “Where to Invade Next.”

“Where to Invade Next” is an expansive, rib-tickling, and subversive comedy in which Moore, playing the role of ‘invader,’ visits a host of nations to learn how the U.S. could improve its own prospects. The creator of “Fahrenheit 9/11” and “Bowling for Columbine” is back with this hilarious and eye-opening call to arms. Turns out the solutions to America’s most entrenched problems already exist in the world—they’re just waiting to be co-opted.

Moderated by Kevin Vlk

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  1. Does he mention that 9/11 was a Zionist conspired false flag attack, and that the wars since and the push for war with Iran and Syria are also Zionist led and AIPAC funded in Congress?


    Why am I not surprised?

    Why does he go so far out of his way to cover for the Zionists?

  2. Thank god, these retard socialists only make Up 11% of the American population. I don’t agree with Bernie Sanders politics but I think he is honest and he cares about people, he got screwed by the Democrats.

  3. no more talks. bring on Red Dawn…
    kinda obvious w/ russian accent scumbags (pro beat your wife types)
    @ whatever gathering in palm beach etc..
    since when does a potus rely on pvtin's hate machine? and pollute the crap outta the world. real nice. not. smash em down.

  4. corporate is not people (it's a crime mob gang take your pick, tobacco, casino or whatever rackets). it's one guy (or betsy devous and erik prince/pope) and his stock holders vamping people that cook their own breakfasts.. wtf~
    lies are unsustainable, if they are sustained.. ww3 imho
    but it already happened through types like bush/romney/ evangelicals.. killers, cheats, pedos. pill pushers. take your pick.

  5. michael moore is the most liked and respected american outside of america. a hero and a man who used his fame in a great and positive way against the zionists and their lies about 9/11 and bush and the no flight ban. the guts he had speaking out at the oscars and the hate directed at him for speaking the truth made him a hero. I love him for that a great caring human american. god bless him A HERO.

  6. Democratic party,republican party…they all fart in the same pants…this is DUOPOLY of just 2 political parties not DEMOCRACY,dear americans…This is not real democracy where you can choose between many parties and many candidates but you will have to vote for two candidates but in fact they are puppets of the same gang-this is OLYGHOCRASY,a form of government in which power is held by a small group of very rich & powerful people…This is the fact that Moore will not tell you publicly-that his democratic candidates are also working for this small group of powerful people…Are the wars in the Middle East stopped with the "democrat" Obama?

  7. I saw the movie ¨Where to Invade Next¨and if I was an American citizen (& thank God for being not American) I would've dig a grave and shoot myself…& die sadly.
    How awful life in the fucking US…All the countries as Trump called them shitholes lately are living better life than the Americans people…
    Wake up People.

  8. Michael Moore criticizes things that are worth criticizing. This is why the right hates him so much. If he talked more about the war on Jesus and the imaginary war on Christmas and how other countries suck compared to us and other things that either don't matter or don't exist the right would love him.

  9. As a German it's a bit infuriating to hear the claim that the US wrote the German constitution. Sure, as occupation powers they oversaw the process of how West Germany organized its constitutional assembly but it was written by Germans and a lot of it is based on the Weimar Republic and even the Second German Reich (which was a more autocratic version of a constitutional monarchy like Britain anyway)
    A lot in it, including universal healthcare, labor rights etc. is based on 150 years tradition inside germany and was not infused by ideas from the US (maybe improved as it had to be set up anew). It was a logical progression of what liberal( in the correct literal sense), socialist and democratic ideas inside germany had promoted since the 19th century and which had been slowly adopted even by conservative German circles when the 1930s had come around.
    Even Nazi germany saw a lot of the welfare stuff as a natural basis to have a strong, healthy population, they however wanted a healthy population for nefarious purposes.

    In a lot of ways it was a continuation of the Weimar Republic by removing its shortfallings and the baggage that came out of the Kaiserreich that allowed the Third Reich and follow its ideas to logical conclusions.

  10. Despite I disagree lately with much he said, his assumptions are off, yes YES this young folks don't like trump, but the satanic Hillary won no popularity contest either.

    So it was not about popularity but about which of the 2 candidates you hated a slightly bit less. Also his assumptions about only white males was his audience was wrong, one reason I can't stand him anymore, he repeats a sexist anti male gender stereotype, no also the majority of white woman voted for him.

    Well its partially funny to watch how wrong he was on trump back then, but its also funny that he is so ignorant, when trump back then said something about Clinton and molesting wifes, he was not refering to Monica Levinscy but to the other woman that accused him. It's your right to not believe them, but that he not even knew that there were other accusers, shows how blind / ignorant he is an the "left" side.

    Also he said Clinton made some small woman leave law, but ignores the much horrible things he did. He deregulated the banks which made the bank crisis possible, at best it was a mixed bag, and how he then refers to trump having 3 wifes, so is that a mean that if you have more than 1 wife you raped the others or what does that mean?

    Shaming right wing people for having more than 1 wife gives them the legitimazy to do the same to the left, its the same with the Red baiting now the left does.

    He lives in a foodball team world there is the good team the blue and then there is the evil team the red and now you do everything to win. If that would been true despite having many democratic presidents, why does Merica suck more and more, and get worse for poor people, every day? Maybe you should see that both major parties are horrible and 99% horrible vs 100% horrible is just not good enough to make this huge commitments and go all in defending this 99% evil left wing people / party…

  11. For someone who went to all of these countries, Moore is very misinformed. Germany had the first continuously in place universal health care system in the world since the 1880s. The US had nothing to do with that. Even before that free education was mandatory in most parts of the late Holy Roman Empire before the US even existed. Labour rights and unions existed throughout Europe since the Middle Ages and political parties purely based on advancing labour rights were everywhere and part of many governments when the US was still an unimportant country on the other side of the planet without any influence on the world, fighting a civil war over being unable to let go of slavery, like any other civilized country had already done without bloodshed.

    No wonder he has such a fat ass, because he needs the space in there to hide all the condescending bullshit he pulls out of it. He knows fuck all. And by the way, kids in a french school not knowing what Coke is? Not drinking it? Do you think french people are uncivilized barbarians who live on trees and don't have TV or the internet? In 2015? Because it sure as fuck does sound like you do. So much bullshit. Like hell that wasn't staged.

    So Michael Moore goes out to travel the world and see what other countries do that the US can't. What good things have they come up with? And then the comes back with the conclusion, that whatever good things other countries might think they have actually come from the US and they just copied them. The US came up with everything, we even invented the wheel a few thousand years back. The same old lame american narcissism and superiority-complex, that makes Americans so disliked.

  12. Hello its easy to get a free Studing system in the US , the only thing elders in US of Highscool grads kids have to do is send them of in to the world to study free in Germany Slovenia and so on . If you doing this time will change the System in US because noone will study in the US any more so the universities have to change

  13. America’s standard has been so lowered with constant bombardment on the population by radical right wingers and political spectrum shaped so much to the right not because of people’s desire but the form of system and control and Propaganda has been so useful in deceiving the public . I mean the ruling class right wingers says it , the conservative idols like William Buckley (pseudo intellectual and a good Propgandist) says it “we don’t want social democracy “ . The Powell memo says it “we don’t want social democracy “ . These are hypocrites they are more interested in control and political economical power than democracy . They hate democracy but they got the brainwashed masses doing their rituals in flag waving . And when people like Noam chomsky or Michael more point t out they attack and vilify . These right wing propagandist are cynical and dangerous . Sad part is the Democratic Party elites are in bed with them behind the scene . I mean richard Nixon a conservairvebwould be considered radical left by today’s standard . All the while these elites are in bed with corporate America and war profiteers and the whole middle class they butchered not by accident but by design . You ask yourself why ? Duh control , domination , and cheap labor . Cut public services give Tax cut to the rich . I swear I have never seen a population so stupid enough to buy these nonsense neonliberal economic theft . You have to always ask WHO BENEFITS ?? The common man has no voice no say . They blast the real progressives as oh we don’t. Want nanny state but when it comes to corporation they love nanny state .

    Hypocrites . These are some loathsome and real treacherous and pathological human beings . This neo liberal right wingers . They are a parasite to social justice and good conscience of humanity . They literally have blood on their hands with all the countries they invaded. .

  14. you mean Michael Moore is so jaded by his money that he can't see or understand how the normal working class family is 11-% behind Donald Trump?? And as we found out that's a helluva lot more than 19%.

  15. We are not attacking anyone. President Trump is draining our world of crimes against humanity. He's building us a strong nation for everyone. It might not be perfect but we just have to sit tight for a little while. Decisions are being made for the well-being of people. For those who are so angry about borders and immigration here's a thought. please do a little research. Hispanics make up 40% of human trafficking victims. 38% of those are undocumented immigrants. The deep state is responsible for this. I have taken courses and also have met victims of human trafficking. I have had to have translators with me so I could help them. Not everything will be perfect as long as mankind has their hands in it.

  16. Michael Moore..I think it is time for you to resign….8 yrs in World peace with Obama –A beloved president to MOST of Americans and around the Globe….He Saved America not once but Twice from a Economical Ruin …and the list is long what president Obama did good for the the World and America and his Loyalty that he stood for..! Michael More, You are a Troublemaker around this Globe. and we all know what price you had to pay to even stay food …since you promised Donald Trump your support ..and in return he gave you a small lift of money ( 150.000 USD ) so that you can go out and Lie to the World in his favor ..but if people would stop paying attentions and stop buying tickets to his shows and interviews…the man will be forgotten…and simply die out in silence…as he should .!!! Michael Moore you are a disgrace for America, and for the World…!! WE WILL IMPEACH THIS PRESIDENT !!!!!!

  17. Someone give that fat hog a head transplant , a diet , a bar of soap and an enlightened attitude and he will be on his way to being an appealing rational human . Here fatty . ??

  18. If you listen to this "gate keeper" you wouldn't even know that Israel exists…  You would think that the Jews and Jewish interests have nothing to do with "terrorism" or the endless "wars for profit"   around the globe

  19. Where was GSM Mobile Tec. innvented..? -Murica, F U C K Y E A…. – F O R R E A L..!
    – It was Norway…
    Hey Smart "Muricans", -remember: E n j o y The "future" You, -and You`r Nation have build for Y o u `r Children…
    Realy E n j o y It, – It Fitts On Y o u, -A n d Y o u r`s Like PISS !
    ( – Did i forget to say F . U . , -from the bottom of my heart ? ) S h a l o m J e r u s a l e m & "Murica" . . . . . 🙂
    ExEMTNor / ExRifleSqLeaderRoyalNorwegianGuards

  20. Mr Moore asked where next? Venezuelan's are crying for help. It is a oil rich country that is close.

    Offer to stabilize in return for 20% output of its oil. *If you pull out of Syria it will trigger IRAN to strike Israel.

    That will be a real war that will spread..

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