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Microsoft Is Now A $1 Trillion Company, And It’s All Thanks To One Man: Satya Nadella

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Yesterday, Microsoft’s valuation briefly went up into the trillions, joining the likes of Apple and Amazon in the elite club.

Strong performance in the last quarter pushed the tech giant to the new height, largely thanks to the strategies of CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft is the third company to enter the prestigious trillion-dolar club, even if only briefly. Interestingly, all three of those are tech companies. The company’s valuation surged ahead yesterday after executives predicted continued growth for its cloud computing business while reporting the quarterly financials. Their stock rose to 4.5 percent during trading hours, before later falling just below $1 trillion by late afternoon.

Apple hit the milestone mark first, with Amazon a few months behind. Both have since fallen from that level but will probably rise again once they announce their quarterly results very soon.

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