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Microsoft: ‘Using technology to spy on people at work is not the answer’


There’s no returning to the way we used to work in 2019. The world has changed, and leadership needs to keep up. Our latest Work Trend Index research reveals that getting hybrid work right will require not just new leadership skills, but a whole new mindset.

This moment–and the hybrid era ahead–call for leading like a scientist: being curious, gathering the right information, and testing and challenging our own hypotheses to reach the best answers.

At Microsoft, we believe in leading with data, not dogma. That means leading with the right data–numbers that measure outcomes, not just activity. Leaders have a choice: either embrace this mindset to fuel success for both employees and organizations or face economic and cultural headwinds along with outdated metrics and false assumptions.

Today, many leaders are sentries, not scientists

In our survey, 85% of leaders said that the shift to hybrid work has made it challenging to have confidence that people are productive. They may have reason to worry: In the U.S. we’ve seen signs that economic productivity has recently declined. Yet most employees (87%) report that they are productive at work–and Microsoft telemetry confirms that meeting overload, multitasking, and long workdays are the norm, not the exception.

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