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Millenial’s : Diverse Generation with Great Expectations

Source | LinkedIn : By Jyoti Joshi Pant

Due to Globalization  many organizations today have a very diverse workforce. Even Indian companies have  heterogenous employees  in terms of  their gender , ethnicity , language , nationality , religion  , race , ability , work experience , educational background and age. Each dimension of diversity is a vast topic in itsef with its own set of challenges and opportunites . This article talks about diversity related to age which is also known as generational diversity. 

Some corporate reports indicate that after Gender , organization’s next major focus area is Generational diversity. On one hand the rising medical costs and flexible work options are keeping senior executives from retiring early  and on the other hand youngsters are entering workforce in large numbers soon after their college. This has creates a situation in many large and small companies where people of two to three generations are working together. Though there are  no globally accepted definition  of various generations , the  following classification by Tamara Erickson  is  widely known and accepted.  Veterans (Born before 1946) , Baby Boomers (born between 1946-64), Gen X (1965-1979) and Gen Y (1980-2000) are all working together side by side.

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