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Millennials Now Know Best and Here is What They are Teaching CEOs and Leaders

Source | LinkedIn : By Steve Tappin

The new world of work revolution is here, and most of us have been bought up in the old world of work.  Many CEOs and leaders are still trying to boss millennials around when they don’t want to be, rather than starting to connect and learn from them.

Here are some very important tips for CEOs and leaders in how to harness and inspire millennials.  You can watch the BBC CEO Guru episode on millennials at the bottom of this article featuring Richard Branson (Founder Virgin Group), Nate Blecharczyk (Co-Founder AirBnB) and Ryan Holmes (CEO Hootsuite) 

1. Trust and empower millennials in how to work it out.

More and more bosses need to modernise their corporate cultures and they are now turning to their millennial workforce to figure out how to do it.

“Hopefully that’ll be the world of the future and that’s something that we’re working towards trying to get more flexibility in the workforce generally” Richard Branson, Founder Virgin Group 

2. Talk to millennials in their language of meaning, and not corporate gobbledygook.

Millennials are not necessarily inspired by next quarters results or being told ‘we are the best’ so it’s not about transmitting out, but rather helping them really understand how they can play their part and why it is important.

“Millennials are known to be more purpose-driven, so as a company both internally and externally we’re always communicating what our values are and trying to be true to those things” – Nathan Blecharczyk, Co-Founder AirBnB

3. Just let them be themselves!

It doesn’t matter what they wear, what time they get in or if they are always on their iPhone as long as they deliver and are connected into other people.

 “We’re constantly trying to remind our employees of what business we are in, in creating an environment where they can be totally comfortable and where they actually want to hang out after work,” Nathan Blecharczyk

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