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Mind of the futurist: insights on business guru CK Prahalad’s life and leadership

Source | Your Story : By Madanmohan Rao

The 147-page book describes Prahalad’s attitude towards life and the influence he had on international and Indian business. The introductory chapter of the book is also accessible as a free PDF (download here).

Prahalad, the ninth of 11 children, grew up in Coimbatore and finished his schooling and college in Chennai. He was deeply moved by the poverty he saw around him, a fact which he communicated to his own children later in life; the seeds of his work on the economics of poverty were probably sown during these formative years.

He worked at Union Carbide and displayed his skills in bridging unions and management teams, and then joined the newly formed IIM Ahmedabad. He worked for Indian Pistons, and subsequently discovered the joy of teaching at IIT Madras and the All India Management Association.

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