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Misconceptions About Women Returning to Work

By | Richa Koparday |

Don’t you agree that there is a disconnect between women willing to resume their careers after a break and the jobs available at a particular time in various companies? We think so too and we might know why!  We think it is mainly because of the several myths built over time. They also lead to undermining this experienced, talented, and hard-working pool of well-deserving female candidates. Here are some misconceptions about women returning to work.

  • Ambition 

Yes, it’s very much crucial to bust this myth! Women who wish to return from a long break do not lack ambition in any aspect. They’re giving a lot of thought to returning to work! It requires effort. 

These women are: 

– Looking out for challenging tasks to test their skills.

– Carrying out household financial calculations.

– Wanting to be a role model for their children.

– Willing to be surrounded by like-minded people.

They want to make a difference with the long years they had to contribute to their professional career.

  • Skills

When women choose to return to a workplace, they bring with them the wisdom, knowledge, and experience from being away. Women come back to the corporate table with a lot more value. Breaks can recharge, refresh and bring about a new focus for the company business. In fact, it becomes easier to develop new skills and apply them to increase the growth and productivity of the organization. Women can get rid of sticking to the old stereotypes which only block an excellent company asset. They can continue to contribute to the sustenance of the company. 

  • Motherhood

We understand that not every woman is returning to work after a maternity break. In real life, things are never this predictable! There are countless other reasons for the career break. Like family relocation, redundancy, care of the elderly or children, personal health, starting a new business, etc.  Leaving an established job is difficult. However, it shouldn’t stop any woman from returning to her career. Women can make the most of their talent and skills.

  • Courage 

Rather than less courage, when there is a career break of a few years, there is quite a lot of catching up to do in terms of trends. For instance, if a woman has taken a break of about five or seven years, she might have to cover up a lot in the area of digital marketing. It is an area that has witnessed an increase in the last few years. Isn’t it possible for women to get back to the present by taking up relevant courses to get up to speed? This will not only boost every woman’s confidence but also be a pleasant prospect not to undermine women. It will let them work at their full potential.

There is no substitute for talent and skills. It is more beneficial for all to judge a candidate based on their skill-sets & past work experience. At Jobsforher, a candidate’s skill-sets, attitude, energy & confidence comes before anything else. We believe in providing equal opportunity to each deserving candidate irrespective of the stereotypical factors

Do you have promising capabilities to be a part of such open non-judgemental work culture?

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