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Mission 100,000: Reshaping Your Career Mission 100,000: Reshaping Your Career

By | Priya Kumar |

Mission 100,000: Reshaping Your Career

Are you ready to rewrite your story and be part of a transformative revolution? 

Mission 100,000 by HerKey (formerly JobsForHer) invites you to join a groundbreaking movement that will reshape your career journey and unlock your true potential. No more searching or waiting for opportunities; it’s time to carve your own path and create your dream career.

The conception of Mission 100,000

 Financial independence is the driving force for 42% of women looking to return to the workforce. [Source: HerKey survey] 

 We understand the importance of this goal. With Mission 100,000, HerKey has developed a comprehensive plan to help you enhance your skills and pursue your aspirations. This career blueprint will turn your dreams into reality and make you stand out in the crowd.

Over 25% of women have taken a career break lasting three years or more. But it’s never too late for a fresh start that leads to a historic career crescendo.

With Mission 100,000, you’ll find the support and resources to reignite your professional life. Go ahead! Seize this opportunity.

Explore career opportunities

The process

Becoming the protagonist of your own success story is now within your reach. Our mission is that catalyst, inspiring you to redefine the rules and create your own path.

Mission 100,000 is your ticket to success! 

How, you ask? 

Mission 100,000 brings you several opportunities to prepare for a career comeback. 

This includes a skilling program where you get to learn all you need for a successful career restart.

Introducing  RestartHer Academy’s Back to Work Program for Women on a Career Break, powered by Trust.

Learn from industry experts, connect with mentors, and join a supportive community of women on a mission. Unleash your potential and make a remarkable comeback. 

Enroll for the program here and make a successful comeback.


Challenges? What are they?

Motherhood isn’t a challenge; it’s a pit stop on your way to your second career with Mission 100,000. Showcase your skills beyond those of a supermom. Break stereotypes and reclaim your power. Join us to redefine your strength in the workforce.

Mission 100,000 balances motherhood and careers. Embrace the journey, tap into your dreams and create a brighter future.

HerKey offers incredible work-from-home and freelance opportunities for mothers who want to excel in their careers while balancing their family life. Numerous companies have partnered with HerKey, providing remote job options that align with their Mission 100,000. It’s a game-changer for moms seeking flexibility, fulfilment, and success on their own terms.


In order to find the right jobs that suit your requirements, we recommend that you update your preferences for the type of job and industry.


Mission impossible? Mission I AM POSSIBLE

 According to reports, there has been a noteworthy 50% increase in companies hiring women returnees. This encouraging trend demonstrates the value that women bring to the workforce, fostering diversity and inclusivity. By embracing women returnees, companies tap into a valuable pool of talent, benefiting from their unique perspective, skill set, and experience to drive innovation and growth. 

Join the transformative journey of Mission 100,000 as we unlock a world of possibilities for women. It’s time to break through barriers and build a future where dreams become reality. 

 Say it loud and proud, “I AM with Mission 100,000.”

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