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Moderation & Mediocrity

Source |  | (Dharma) Dharmendra Kumar,  Entrepreneur (Sports and Fitness)

Taking a cue from my learning of the running world. Majority of the runners use moderation as tool to become mediocre and do not push their boundaries to achieve greater success. Further, they fall victim to people (runners and non-runners) who are driven by mediocrity. What could have been a fine example of inspiration to many had they continued pushing (gradually and smartly), in the end they settle for mediocrity and do not achieve their true potential.

Running invariably is a self-confidence booster. And anything that has ever given self-confidence should be further worked upon. Agree some may not be motivated/interested enough, others may not have time, but majority who do, are fine just being mediocre, day in and day out. They are afraid to push themselves and achieve the best. They do

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