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Modern career paths in experiential marketing that are perfect for creative minds

Source | Mashable India

Today’s marketing professionals have to get crafty in order to attract eyeballs while simultaneously mitigating eye-rolls. “Thinking outside the box” has become “thinking inside Google Cardboard.”

Few PR stunts are as cringe-worthy as train-wreck attempts at IRL activations that miss the mark; and yet, few marketing campaigns generate as much buzz and brand recognition as a beautifully executed, compelling experiential play.

Suffice it to say that a job creating such stunts is a far cry from pushing paper in a cubicle.

For marketing professionals, learning how to bring a brand’s name into the heads of consumers — and into the headlines -– can be a way to flex creative muscles in an innovative, fast-paced work environment. Below is a brief explainer on the state of experiential marketing today, as well as a few potential career paths related to the field.

The evolution of experiential marketing

Though experiential marketing has been around in some form for decades, in recent years, technologies such as 3D video paired with an increasingly connected global marketplace have opened doors for marketers to bring a brand’s presence far beyond the banner ad.

And it’s a necessary shift; consumers today are increasingly unimpressed by traditional advertising.


“People know when they’re being sold something,” explains Josh Harrold, a marketer who has worked on experiential campaigns for brands ranging from Yoo-hoo to Humana for the better part of two decades. ” To me, experimental marketing the most. authentic way to interact with customers”

When Harrold began his career in the early 2000s, experiential marketing meant anything from pop-up shops to street promotions to national tours. Harrold worked on one such campaign early on, in the form of “Yoo-hoo’s Big Stinkin’ Summer Tour,” which featured a 32-foot truck that visited popular concert venues and sporting events around the country.

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