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Mom who brought toddler to job interview sparks conversation on child care crisis

Source | | Aryana Azari

The video of a mom bringing her toddler to a job interview is sparking a conversation over the realities of the current child care crisis.

Maggie Mundwiller, 38, from St. Louis, posted a video on TikTok explaining that she was invited for a job interview on June 22, but had no child care for her 1-year-old son, Mylo. When she told the interviewer that she would have to cancel, they told her, “We are child-friendly,” and invited her to bring Mylo along.

“I was so excited and inspired,” Mundwiller told “Good Morning America.” “How cool is that — that a company would be so welcoming? It’s awesome to know that there are companies out there that are willing to work with parents and understand the struggles that parents are going through and just accommodate.”

In the video, Mundwiller and Mylo can be seen getting ready for their interview. Mylo gets his hair combed, puts on formal business attire and washes the wheels of his stroller.

Mylo even has a fresh copy of his own resume handy to provide to prospective employers. His skills range from destroying a clean space in 30 seconds to spotting a dog a mile away, and he has a year’s worth of experience that his two references — mom and dad — can attest to.

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