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Money-Making Business Tips for Small Business Owners

By | Amy Sloane | Freelance Writer

When you’re running a business, it’s natural for you to try to think of new ways to make money. These are some tips that you can consider when you’re trying to increase your profits. Use one, or use a combination of them all to bring your profits up a little bit.

1. Push Referral Incentives

One way for you to make some more money for your business is to push for all your customers to refer you to other people. You can push the idea by offering those customers incentives to tell other people about your company. 

For example, you might offer your customers a monetary reward if they tell someone about your business, and that person signs up for your services or buys something from your company. You will still make profits even if you have to give money to your customer because of the incentive. Many businesses bring in heaps of extra money because of the referrals they get from the people who use their products and services.

2. Reduce Your Operating Expenses

Another way to make more money for your business is to reduce your operating expenses. Evaluate the monthly funds that you put toward operating expenses and try to think of creative ways to reduce them. For example, you may want to start using payroll software instead of having a large payroll team. 

Maybe you can save money by outsourcing your customer service team. There might be some money for you to save if you change the materials that you use. Saving money by changing some of your processes is the same thing as making extra money for your business. In the end, you will see a greater profit, and that’s what it’s all about.

3. Ask Everyone to Upsell

Upselling is a practice in which many businesses involve themselves. No matter what industry you operate in, there’s always a way for you to upsell products and services. All you need to do is ask your employees to mention the products and services that you would like sold to potential buyers. Many of your workers will do it just because you asked. However, you may want to add an incentive to motivate them to do it. 

The incentive may be something like a monetary reward or free meal for the person who gets the most upsells. Think about the way your business operates, and you’ll come up with some ideas on your own. Fifty percent of making a sale is asking for it. You’re likely to succeed in selling more items if you inform your workers that they need to keep trying to sell them.

4. Boost Your Marketing Efforts

You may want to invest a little bit more into boosting your marketing efforts. We realize that you will have to pay some additional monies, but you could end up profiting largely by taking the measure. Contact a reputable SEO company that can implement some effective strategies to bring you more business and sales. For example, you may want to try link building, video marketing, or website development. The funds that you put out for these services may increase your traffic, which will increase your sales immensely.

5. Offer More Ways to Pay

Another way to improve the funds that come into your business is by improving your payment processing system. The more ways you give your customers to pay, the more customers you will have paid into your establishment. For example, you don’t want to run a business that only takes cash and checks. You will want to offer your customers the opportunity to pay you with credit cards and debit cards. 

You’ll want to ensure that your processing system accepts cards with chips in them as well as regular strip cards. Furthermore, you’ll want to implement new payment types such as mobile phone payments. We suggest talking to a payment processing company and finding out what new technology is available for you that can help you service your clients more efficiently.

Boost Your Productivity Today

Now you have some tips for improving your profits and making money. You can implement some of these practices now if you so desire and see how they work for you. You’ll most likely come up with some additional ideas when you’re finished.

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