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More employers turn to company-wide vacation breaks to encourage worker well-being

By | Sharon Epperson

  • To ensure employees are really taking a break from work obligations to recharge, some employers are instituting company-wide vacation times when all workers are off together.
  • Still, many workers find that they can only enjoy time off when they know things are going well back at the office.
  • Nearly a quarter of U.S. workers don’t get any paid off time at all, according to some sources.

Sometimes, vacation isn’t all that restful — say, when the emails and Slack messages just keep coming, and you can’t help but look, or feel obligated to.

Now, a few companies are offering a new perk to fight burnout and give employees a real break from their work: company-wide holidays when everyone is off at the same time.  

Priti Joshi spent a week-long company-wide break this month with her husband and daughter, but she didn’t completely disconnect from work. She tries to unplug by removing Slack and email pop-up notifications. Still, like many professionals, she checks in occasionally for peace of mind and to make sure everything is okay at work. 

“When I’m away, I feel like not only am I … refilling my proverbial glass, I kind of am able to get re-energized and just feel ready,” said Joshi, a vice president for online dating app Bumble. “It also helps me to reprioritize the things that we’re working on.

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