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More more more.

By | Kavitha Hemanath | An absolute advocate to being truly human | HR at Hexaware Technologies

More more more.

The chant for more never ends. More money, more things, more name, more fame!! It’s an endless quest, the perpetual human thirst for more is unquenchable. And that is why there are so many posts and motivational content on how to get more done in less time!

It’s a great life hack. It is a great life hack because we only have 24 hours in a day. But, if we are to stop, pause and rethink – do we really want to do more and more in less time? Is quantity all that matters? 

What if I did one thing only, but with impeccable quality? Does that count?

The need to have more money, things and fame is a preset that has been formed from years of societal conditioning. It is society’s definition of success.

And somewhere this concept of ‘more’ crept into work as well: an expectation to work more hours than just 9 to 5, an expectation to have a utilization of more than 100%, an expectation to do more than is expected, an expectation to always be busy!

Sadly, being busy is normal now. Even more sad is the fact that somewhere along the way, it has become a matter of pride for most people. Because after all that is what society equates to being successful.

What we all need is something similar to minimalism that comes with a less is more ideology. This advocates a kind of de-cluttering needed to identify and focus on what truly matters. And this can be applied to all matters in life; from de-cluttering of things in our rooms, to the words we choose in our sentences, to the chaotic list of tasks and meetings in our schedules, and even to the thoughts that occupy our minds. 

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So while we run behind the quest to gather more and more, like everything in life, even the definition of success needs to be re-looked at and you will easily see that in many cases, MORE is not always the need.

Sometimes LESS is indeed more. You just need to find the right ones.

Republished with permission and originally published at Kavitha Hemanath’s LinkedIn

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