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Most people feel like they’re too busy attending meetings and sending messages to actually think at work


  • I barely had time to write this story because of a full slate of meetings, unanswered Slacks, and emails.
  • The average worker spends 57% of her time communicating in meetings, email, and chat, says Microsoft.

I had trouble finding time to write this story.

In the two-plus hours since I signed onto work at 9:15 a.m., I’ve had three Slack huddles, about two dozen Slack messages to answer, and some admin work to do. I even managed to set up a source meeting. Luckily, two video meetings got canceled, so now I have time to write.

Of course, this is most people’s mornings, right? But, just because it’s a standard in corporate America, doesn’t mean I — and many people, I imagine — can escape feeling frantic as we start our days.

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