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Motivating factors that influence Women Entrepreneurs

By | Sunil Kumar R & Harold Andrew Patrick 

From Ages entrepreneurship has been dominated by men and women had to defy social expectations to take up entrepreneurship. Women talking of entrepreneurship with male counterparts can be unnerving experience especially in accepting their leadership role. Indian women always had a tough time to adopt in our male dominated society and typical “male” attitude toward business. Some of the challenges faced in taking up entrepreneurship were economic conditions, social status, lack of education and encouragement. The magnitude and complexity of challenges for women entrepreneurs in developing economies are plenty.

In this article we discuss the factors that trigger and influence women to start an enterprise. In
Indian young girls are taught to be family oriented and give importance to family than career and
social life. However factors like family’s social and economic condition, financial independence,
social status, and unemployment have motivated women to venture into small enterprise. Our  research indicates Age has played a major role for women to start new ventures. Today’s support system has encouraged women to deep dive and venture out due to potential market conditions, education & professional training, family support , financial institutions, desire to earn more and
dissatisfaction with one’s previous job has also triggered them to start their enterprise.

The Author focused on Beauty sector and women across found this venture easy to manage and profitable with minimum risk and rewarding. At the same time balance their family and professional lives. To be self-dependent and have better economic status, there is an increase in number of women taking up entrepreneurship has led to the change in the demographic characteristics of business and economic growth across the globe. Women enterprises either at grass root level in rural, semi-urban or urban area has played a protuberant role in society motivating many and generating more employment opportunities and to have better life. In today’s India we need a sustainable growth for women entrepreneurs, to promote themselves and have a robust initiatives and policies in creating a entrepreneurship ecosystem.


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