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Mr. India and Asterix – “wo pharmula”​

By | Santosh Naidu FRCMI | Brainpower Coach, Risk & Change Management Expert, Storyteller, Pioneer, Stimulator

bonjour, hello, namaste, salaam

Prayers and best wishes for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. A big Shout out to all covid warriors and everyone treating, supporting and helping those affected by the pandemic. Hoping we will bounce back from this vaccinated, healthier and stronger.

It has been a few weeks since my last article on measure and need to admit the interim period has been one of the most busiest that I have had since the first lockdown. One of those productive exercises I would like to call out is Transcribing (voice to text) and volunteering at that, its something I am doing for the first time and believe you me its an outstanding way of learning. Therefore I am adding to my list of what makes learning possible.

The other was developing solutions (formulae) to deal with the problems emerging as impact of the pandemic (waves I and II) and its cascading effects across education, adult learning, careers in hybrid workplaces and mental health issues from various sources. Those include reading, inputs from conversations from my coachees, colleagues from the past, partners, clubhouse and other forms of media. One of the articles I regularly use as a micro-learning topics is what I wrote last year, what’s your talent formula and today’s article can suitably be called a magnified version of that with glimpses into my past.

The backstory to that title lies with one of the lesser famous dialogues by Mogambo from the hit Bollywood movie Mr. India which was “wo phaarmula” (that formula). Something that stuck with me since the 80s also because I am fan of Getafix from Asterix and I strongly learnt to believe that every solution is a type of a formula, a potion from Druid or fairy Godmother, a medicine/vaccine, a mix with a specific quantity, a combination to heal, to solve, to use or to entertain. Be it a recipe, a product, a team, a toolkit or a mix of talents, a combination of learnings, certifications etc. Just that a formula needs to formulated, tested and released, repeated or reproduced for success, or changed when encountered with failure. Formula works as long as its created, formulated or improved on, even success or failure have a formula. But most like Mogambo or otherwise are looking for that (wo) FORMULA to win, succeed or attain nirvana for that matter

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