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Must Know Financial Analyst Interview Questions in 2020

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Financial Analyst, what immediately strikes you on hearing this term? A person who is responsible for analyzing and managing an organization’s money.

In a point of fact, in addition to managing the investments and cashflow, a financial analyst is also responsible to foresee the financial future of an organization. But before vesting this huge responsibility onto your new hire, vet them with the help of a gruelling assessment platform that provides you with a 360° dissection of your candidate’s skills, and overall job-fit psychometry.

The job of a financial analyst is not just about creating macros and pivot tables on excel, rather they are responsible for businesses to make sound financial decisions against all odds. Hence make sure you ask both technical as well as behavioral questions in the interview as you should understand both sides of the coin before you make your strategic hiring decision.

Technical Questions

Although the exact role and responsibilities of a financial analyst varies from one industry to another, it is always ideal to start with the basics. Make sure that your new hire has a good hold over the fundamentals of financial analysis.

  1. What is working capital?
  2. What is a long-term liability?
  3. How do you calculate basic earnings per share?
  4. What is the best metric to use to analyze a company’s stock?
  5. Can you explain why financial reports do not list dividends on the income statement?

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