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Must Know General Programming Ability Interview Questions in 2020

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With more tech roles consistently dominating the workforce, computer science and IT have become one of the most popular and pivotal topics of study for students. Enterprises and startups are always in look out for the best talent pool to fill their reputed tech roles. Although a little hands-on experience on niche projects and technical certifications are ‘nice-to-haves’ while hiring freshers, hiring managers should always start from the alpha. In essence, irrespective of the job-specific role a candidate is being hired for, hiring managers should assess knowledge of the candidates on algorithms, data structures and OOPS fundamentals.

Here are few important and ‘must-ask’ interview questions to assess the candidates’ knowledge on the fundamentals of computer science engineering.

Interview Questions For Algorithms

1 What are time complexities? What role do they play in the construction of an algorithm?

2 What are divide and conquer Algorithms? How do they work?

3 How is a Dynamic programming algorithm different from recursive algorithm?

4 What is meant by Brute-Force? Why is it not preferred to use the Brute-Force approach?

5 How do you find the angle between hour and minute hands at a given time?

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