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My Business Was Generating Over 6 Figures a Month, But I Walked Away: ‘It Was Dangerous to Lead Other People Down the Path I Was On’

I decided to listen to my gut even though I'd lose money in the short term

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With my head in my hands, surrounded by my team, I can remember uttering the words over and over again, “If I knew what to do, I would fix it.” Inside, I wondered where I was leading my clients. 

The team I had built was losing faith in its leader, and I was lost, feeling helpless and utterly confused. I knew that I had the ability, but the drive was gone, and as an entrepreneur, that was demoralizing. 

I had spent years building up my coaching company, which helped personal trainers grow their fitness businesses. It grew to a million-dollar business in just 18 months, allowing me to move from England and live my dream life in California while I helped a lot of people transform their lives. I’ve always loved helping people. 

But after a lot of personal growth, something just didn’t feel right. The tension had been building over time, and it created friction, ultimately impacting my mission because I’d lost my drive. 

I was up against an incredibly difficult and gut-wrenching decision. Do I continue to try to get the company moving again, or do I let it go? This was a battle that I was going back and forth on until I was asked a question that changed everything: “What does your heart want?”

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