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My First 120 Days at Kraft Heinz

Source | LinkedIn | Serena H. Huang, Ph.D. | Global Head of People Analytics | Employee Experience | Speaker | Author | Ex-Deloitte | Career Coach

As I reflect on my first few months, they have been both refreshing and challenging. I am grateful for the team in getting me up to speed quickly, being open to all my wild ideas, and the global leadership team’s appetite for analytics. So what have I been working on and what’s next?

Here are a few highlights from my first 120 days:  

  • CREATED 3-year analytics roadmap and identified team mission statement. During my second week at Kraft Heinz, I pull the direct reports together to craft our mission statement together and find out where we are dependent on one another. As for the roadmap, I created it after gaining an understanding of the current state, the overall transformation agenda, and the business problems critical to leaders.
  • ASSESSED organizational capabilities to ensure the structure and skills would enable us to execute on the 3-year analytics roadmap. In addition to the existing organization, I built a mission-based team on people analytics around the globe. I also hosted a design-thinking session with the team to figure out what’s moving us forward and what’s holding us back in becoming a world-class analytics organization. 
  • REINVENTED our internal brand. While we have data, we are not merely data providers. We are here to deliver personalized insights on talent, and our comparative advantages are in turning business problems into something data analytics can solve and applying data science.
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Here’s what I am looking forward to in the near-term: 

  • CREATE and EXECUTE the new employee listening strategy. Based on the learnings from the current listening strategy and the desire to fully harness the power of data analytics, I am looking forward to unveiling the new direction later this year. 

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