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My life used to be about billable hours. Now it’s all about tracking kindness

Source | LinkedIn | Camille Laurente | Co-Founder and CEO at Hueman Group Media

Today is World Kindness Day. Years ago, it would seem like I didn’t care much for what this day meant. 

For years, I buried my head in books until I eventually found myself practicing corporate law in a big firm. I had a personal goal of beating my own hours from the previous month. 

“More hours meant more money. As a result, my numbers defined me”

So when I gave into this gnawing (sort of ominous) feeling that I wasn’t in the right place, I thought: “Surely, I should shut this idea down.” And while I would characterize my professional journey as structured, with calculated risks taken on occasion, I did not foresee that my life would take such a sharp and wonderful turn.

My own pivot happened after the presidential elections in 2016 (here in the US and in the Philippines, my home country). My husband (then boyfriend) and I were bombarded with so much toxic messages on social media. We couldn’t escape negativity when we turned on the news. The highlight reel seemed to magnify everything that was going wrong in the world, and the people who perpetuated them. And in all of this we wondered — where are the humans doing good?

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The problem we complained about became the issue we wanted to address ourselves. 

In late 2017, my husband and I combined our skills set. Mine was in storytelling and social impact. I had by then obtained my masters at SIPA in Columbia University where I specialized in advocacy, communications and media. My husband filled the missing, equally critical audio and creative pieces. And the place of this lovely marriage? Podcasting.

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