My parting email at Mettl

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I spent good time reflecting about what should I write in this email. Thought it might be useful for others too – so sharing it.

Dear Mettlites,

Today is one of the toughest days in my life. It is my last day to be with you all at Mettl. You all have been incredibly important for me in helping me realise my dream of being an entrepreneur and in making me a better person. This is my last opportunity to express how grateful I am to have shared this amazing journey with you all. Words are not enough to convey the deep sense of gratitude I feel. 

Last 9 eventful years here have exposed me to numerous situations at work. These moments required me to take calls/ decisions often based on gut. Over time, I had the luxury to see the outcome of these decisions in success and failures. To be more efficient and right in my decisions, I have used this unique experience to make my own guiding principles to manoeuvre personal and professional situations. In this last email, I thought I should share some of these principles uncovering some of my life’s dark events known to very few. You may find some of these principles useful as you navigate your life.

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