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Myntra – Great Place to Work

Source | Youtube : Myntra

Myntra is “The Place” to be or that is what these employees will have you believe. People who come to work at Myntra are motivated by everything that Myntra stands for.

Looking Good and Working Better at Myntra

In this video, you will see why everyone is talking about Myntra. From its humble beginnings, the fashion e-commerce has come a long way.

Mukesh Bansal, the founder and CEO of the organization, sets the tone as he clearly talks about the culture that exists in the organization. He talks about empowering people with tools that foster learning and growth and why it is important.

Team members talk about the swanky fashionable office and how it inspires them to look good. You’d see the glimpses of the office as the video takes you to the various parts of the office.

You’ll notice the young talents talk about how dynamic the work culture is. The bonhomie felt by every employee here comes from the casual and comfortable environment at the office.

At Myntra, thinking out of the box is what people do to always remain ahead in the competition. This is a place where you can do things differently every day because the organization gives you the liberty to take chances.

Being among the e-commerce pioneers in the country, Myntra has of course seen a huge growth, and you will see this among the employees who have grown with the organization. Every employee here is given the ear or the voice that is required for him or her to feel valued by the organization.

But Myntra is not just about the work. You’ll see the young workforce taking the notion of ‘work hard, party harder’ a notch above with their attitude. Here is a place where fun is a part of the job and if you have hobbies, the organization is ready to be the wing beneath your wings. Be it cycling or running the marathon or dancing, Myntra has it covered for you.

Fancy a cup of joe? Apart from the many vending within the work floors, you’d find a Barista too. While taking a break to play a game of table tennis, or foosball is completely a part of the day here, the pool table is never seen without the men shooting some balls at the table. Since Myntra is in the business of making people look good, there is also a world class gym with amenities that make the employees look good too.

As you already see, it is all happening here!! Are you ready to join this party?


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