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Nachu meets Mr. Speed

By | Prabodh Sirur | In search of Postitive Intranets at In search of Positive Intranets

Sharing one of the stories from my soon to be released book, about the life of a young man Nachiketa (Nachu), about his expedition. 

Nachu was on his journey trying to find the secret sauce of success and happiness. He had found a great mentor in someone who was, for some reason, called Mr. Ten.

Mr. Ten, after listening to Nachu’s aspirations, asked him to meet some of his heroes and learn from them. The first of his heroes was Mr. Speed. 

Nachu found the names funny; first it was Mr. Ten and now it was Mr. Speed.  

Nachu had a good sketch of Mr. Speed in his mind thanks to Mr. Ten’s inputs, “Our Mr. Speed used to work for me long time ago. He entered the office like a whirlwind and completed his tasks and went off like a whirlwind. He had no time for office politics or water cooler chats or general stress-buster discussions on weather or the world news. We all were so awestruck by his speed that we would keep aside all our tasks and helped him complete his tasks.”

Nachu was all excited to meet Speed.

Mr. Speed, by now, was the owner of his real-estate business. When Nachu entered Mr. Speed’s office, he could feel a sense of urgency in everyone who worked there. Nachu was quickly taken to Speed’s office. Seeing Nachu, Speed quickly dismissed his previous meeting and welcomed the young man.

Speed was in his fifties. His office was clean and tidy. He had no papers on his table. This was Nachu’s first learning.

Speed extended his hand and said, “Nice meeting you young man. Mr Ten spoke to me about you. How can I be of help?”

Nachu felt electric energy when Mr. Speed shook hands. He felt power when Mr Speed spoke. 

“I met Mr. Ten to seek his guidance. He asked me to meet you because you are his first hero.”, Nachu said.

“Nice of him to say this. He was my boss during my young days and funnily he was always at my service so that I could finish my tasks with speed. In fact it was he who named me Speed”, Speed said with a laugh.

Nachu asked Speed, ”I want to know about you so that I can build my recipe of success and happiness. Do you remember how and when you started your success journey?”

“Well, I do not want to know if I am successful and happy. I have no definition for these words. But I will tell you my first experience of awakening, if you may call it that.”, Speed said. He then started telling his story, “I don’t know if you have seen those village fortune-tellers who go around with a bull. During my childhood we used to gather around them and have great fun watching the bull nodding its head in yeses and noes for the questions the fortune teller asked.” 

“Once when I was coming home from school, I saw a big crowd. I could gather from the sounds that the crowd must be watching the fortune teller. I made my way through the crowd to watch the fun from close quarters. The fortune teller suddenly asked the bull, “Who is the brightest lad in this crowd?” The bull started taking rounds closely watching each kid to find who the brightest one was. Then he suddenly stopped in front of me, caught my shirt at the shoulder with his teeth and started pulling me towards the centre. People all around me started clapping. The fortune teller also clapped and gave me some sweets. I was the smartest kid in the town. I still remember the hot breath of that white bull and the sweet smell of grass he was chewing. I know this is a silly story. But that is my first memory of being treated as a special person, funnily identified by a bull.” Speed gave a big laugh as he closed his story.

“Are you saying we need to have some awakening moments to start our success journey?”, Nachu asked.

“No. No. I am not saying that. I just shared a story of my childhood. If it is useful to you, please feel free to use it.”

Mr. Ten had told Nachu many things about Speed; that he was a good singer, that he played the Mandolin, was fond urdu poetry, had a great understanding of all the laws, even though he was not a lawyer by qualification; and that he stitched his own shirts. Speed seemed to have lot of time on hand to learn all these things. 

Nachu remembered something more that Ten had said about Speed that he felt he must ask about. “Mr Speed, Ten told me that you know at least a million people. Is that true?”

Speed laughed and said, “Mr Ten exaggerates. But yes, I believe in relationships, not for any gain but I just love to meet people on their birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. They have been my well wishers. In fact, when I started on my own, they became my first ‘salespeople’ by referring me to their friends. So my friends’ friends became my friends. I need more and more time to catch up with all of them. But time is in short supply so I have to do my tasks faster and faster to generate extra time.”

Speed added, “Maybe I can tell you something more, and it may help you. I observed long ago that a lot of my time was spent in attending weddings and other social functions. I developed a knack of finding out when exactly to reach an event and when exactly to leave. I never sit when I attend these events. I don’t eat anything there. I meet the hosts and some friends whom I know and leave. My friends don’t mind. They know this is the way I am built.” This was Nachu’s second learning.

“Thank you so much. This piece of information is very interesting. I wanted to know something else. How do you plan the day’s activities?” asked Nachu.

“You know, I plan for the next day on the previous day, before I go to bed.”, Speed said.

“Good to know this”, Nachu scribbled this on his notepad and said, “Can I say then, Mr Speed, that your tomorrow starts today?” This was the best learning of the day for Nachu.

“That’s very interesting. You really are a bright young man.”, Speed commented.

Nachu rose, thanked Speed, shook his hands and turned to leave.

“Wish you all the best. By the way, did you ask Mr Ten, why he is called so? You must.”, Speed said and waved goodbye.

When Nachu met Ten the next day, he told Ten about the meeting and showed him the quote he had picked up from it.

Ten nodded and asked Nachu, “So what was your learning from your meeting with Speed?”

Nachu looked at his notes and said, “The first thing I learnt was that when you accomplish any task with speed, you generate extra time for yourself. When you focus on speed, your thinking becomes clearer, you try to find the quickest route to accomplishing the task.”

“Then I learnt that it is important not only to generate extra time but to know where exactly this extra time should be invested.”

“I then learnt that, it pays when you invest time in building relationships. Some small acts on a regular basis are good enough to keep the relationships alive.”

“Oh yes, I was also impressed to see his neat and tidy office.”

“And the most interesting part that I liked was, Tomorrow starts today!”

Ten smiled and wrote the quote against Speed’s name on his whiteboard. Tomorrow starts today.

“This is great.”, Ten said, “You picked up some nice things from your meeting with Speed. Now I would like to know how you are planning to implement what you learnt.”

“Well, I have not thought about it yet, but will do shortly but one thing I will surely start doing is to keep a tab on the time I spend on my tasks. I know time is a scarce resource and a great thing I learnt was that I can ‘manufacture’ extra time.” “To think of it, whenever I feel low in the future, I will remember Mr. Speed, dust off the negativity and do something with speed and haste.”

How did Nachu benefit from Speed’s meeting? What actions did he put into practice? Did Nachu become successful and happy?…. You will get the answers to all these questions at the end of the book. 

Friends, won’t you like to dedicate at least one day in a week to Mr. Speed and see how things change for you?

This story is inspired from my conversations with my friend, Jagdish Jadhav. I dedicate this piece to him.

Republished with permission and originally published at Prabodh Sirur’s Linkedin

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