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Nachu meets Ms Style

By | Prabodh Sirur | In search of Postitive Intranets at In search of Positive Intranets

Nachu was on his journey trying to find the secret sauce of success and happiness. He had found a great mentor in someone who was, for some reason, called Mr. Ten.

Mr. Ten, after listening to Nachu’s aspirations, asked Nachu to meet some of his heroes and learn from them. The first of his heroes was Mr. Speed. The second meeting was with Ms Style. Nachu found the names unusual.

Mr Ten proceeded to give an introduction of Ms Style, “Ms Style and I worked together long time ago. She was our CFO then. Ms Style was a celebrations person. She liked to arrange events in our company. She loved to take our teams out for one competition or the other. Sometimes it would be a dance competition; some other times it would be a quizzers’ meet. People loved her company. She was full of life; And she was the life of any event.” 

Mr Ten continued, “Ms Style knew seven languages, she was a voracious reader; she could use quotes from Shakespeare to Aristotle with ease. I vividly remember how she ended her speeches with amazing quotes. Once she quoted Latin verses from Carmina Burana, poems from the 12th century. One quote I distinctly remember is from Rumi, a Sufi poet from 13th century – The wound is a place where the light enters you. You will love meeting her.”

It was quite a detailed description, Nachu thought.

When Nachu introduced himself, Ms Style shook his hand with warmth. Her positivity was infectious.

Ms Style was in her late forties. She was now a founder and CEO of her company. Nachu noticed her impeccable sense of dress and the expensive soft fragrance she wore. Her office was a picture of art with beautiful interiors. She indeed was Ms Style.

“Nice to meet you young man. I hear from Mr Ten that you have a dream to succeed and be happy. How can I help you?”

Nachu returned the compliments, “Thank you Ms Style for your time. I really appreciate your beautiful office. Mr Ten has sent me to learn from you. May I ask you a few questions?”

“Sure, go ahead. But let me treat you to some nice coffee first.”, Ms Style said and called for coffee for both of them.

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Until the coffee arrived, Ms Style excused herself to complete some urgent tasks at hand while Nachu took a tour of her office. He could observe beauty and taste in everything he saw, the walls, the curtains, the bookshelf, her choice of books and a whole lot of things that occupied her office.

Nachu loved the aroma of the coffee that just came in. He was sure, it was some special coffee. It indeed was, as he expected. Ms Style said it was called Kopi Luwak from Indonesia.

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Nachu started his questions over the steaming coffee, “Ms Style, thank you for the wonderful coffee. I want to know about you so that I can build my recipe of success and happiness. Do you remember how and when you started your success journey?”

“Well, my career has always been in the Finance area of the corporate world. But I come from a family that has nothing to do with finance. It is steeped into art and culture. We had a big joint family. I have grown with my siblings and cousins busy following their passions in art and culture. So it was no big deal for me to understand the beauty in art and literature.”

Ms Style continued, “I was exposed to working with many cultures around the world and was intrigued by the variety in people. I had opportunity to learn many languages, to read literature from many countries, to learn the different practices from different societies. Oh, life is awesome thanks to the spice of variety around us.”

Nachu responded, “It is an art in itself to find beauty around us. You surely have mastered it. Please tell me more about how your artistic nature helped you in work.”

Ms Style liked the quote from Nachu, “Oh, nice quote.”, she said and continued to answer his question. “I found, early on, the importance given in the corporate world to the external appearances. So I started assigning some time each day to practice it. I mean, started learning to become Ms Style. And I am really happy about myself that I did that.”

Ms Style continued, “With continuous practice, I now know at least twenty different ways to greet people in their language. This really helps me when I meet people from different countries.”

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“I have invested time learning to use chopsticks. I can eat noodles with chopsticks without messing the table. I know at least ten table manners from each of the popular cultures around the world. I can tie a Sarong properly around me. I know who should sit where in the car. I know who sits where at the dinner table. I know what polite and impolite behaviours are in different countries. It has been real fun knowing these things and practicing them.” Ms Style, Nachu observed and appreciated, had really taken this topic really seriously.

Ms Style shared some strange practices followed by the world. The best one he liked was the Tibetan way of greeting, sticking out your tongue, to demonstrate that you do not have a black tongues (that you are not guilty of evil deeds). 

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Nachu really loved meeting Ms Style. He had never thought someone would be studying and practicing such things every day.

As the meeting concluded, Ms Style said, “By the way, did you ask Mr Ten, about his cards; the cards he carries with him all along? You must.”. 

Nachu was curious. He promised Ms Style that he would definitely ask Mr Ten about it. He got up and said goodbye to Ms Style.

Ms Style bowed in typical Japanese style and said, “Ganbatte”, smiled and explained, “‘Good luck, do your best, try hard’ – in Japanese.”

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Nachu met Mr Ten the next day. Mr Ten asked Nachu, “What did you find out at Ms Style’s place?”

“Oh what an office? What an amazing person!”, Nachu exclaimed.

“How does it help you in your journey of success and happiness?”, Mr Ten asked.

“I’m not sure.”, Nachu said looking at his notepad, “The only thing I can say is that every successful person could work on cultivating such taste.”

Mr Ten said, “You will know more about this when I tell you about the pack of cards I carry with me.”

“Oh yes; Ms Style told me to ask you about your deck of cards. Please tell me.”, Nachu suddenly remembered what Ms Style had said.

“Sure, sure. I will tell you the secret of these cards. Only when you meet all my heroes!”, Mr Ten laughed and said.

Republished with permission and originally published at Prabodh Sirur’s Linkedin

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