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National Education Day: How Digital Learning is Changing the Future of Education

Source | LinkedIn | Divya Gokulnath | Co- Founder – BYJU’S| LinkedIn Top Voices 2019

With approximately 260 million school enrolments, India has one of the largest K-12 education systems in the world. However, when it comes to learning, more often than not, our system is still driven by a fear of examinations, rather than the love for learning. The overall approach to learning is still anchored towards training children to answer questions instead of encouraging them to ask questions, and nurturing the curiosity of a child is getting lost in the process. 

The good news, though, is that with the advent of technology, internet penetration, and increased adoption of smart devices, now is the best time for a massive shift in the way learning is approached. 

Digital learning today allows a combination of teachers, video lessons, and interactive games to create a learning experience that is more engaging than ever before. Learn more about learning and interaction on The use of digital learning methods can help make complex concepts visual and contextual, which will help students understand not just the “What” of learning, but the “Why” and the “How” as well. 

Having worked with products aimed at enabling students to become better learners, here’s how technology is transforming the very core of how children learn:

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