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Native Advertising — The Next Big Thing In Recruitment Advertising

Source | ERE MEDIA : By Dr. John Sullivan

I have always encouraged recruiting leaders to borrow effective practices from the business side of the enterprise and to adapt them to the recruiting function. One current opportunity for borrowing is native advertising.

This is a powerful product advertising approach that has proven to be highly effective in engaging Internet and mobile phone users. In case you haven’t heard of it, native advertising is paid content that has the look and feel of the surrounding site so that the information presented does not appear at first glance to be advertising. These ads are called native because they blend in with the natural ambient content, style, and tone of the site.

If you’ve seen late-night infomercials that mimic TV magazine segments which are trying to help the audience member solve a common problem, you have been exposed to an early form of native advertising. The AdWords information that is found on the right-hand column of any Google search is also a form of native advertising. Forbes even allowed Fidelity to place a paid native subtly on the cover of its March 2, 2015, print edition.

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