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Nearly Half of Employees Rarely or Never Meet With Managers. 3 Tips to Build Relationships With Your Team

Employees who don't meet with their managers on a regular basis tend to be less engaged, causing productivity to take a hit


Each time your team has an open role, productivity takes a hit. Because of this, not only is it important to quickly fill your open roles with qualified talent, but it’s just as important — if not more so — to keep the employees you already have engaged. Unfortunately, many organizations fall short when it comes to making their employees feel valued and motivated to do great work.

According to the Employee Engagement Trends 2020 study from Emplify, an employee engagement survey company, 35.3 percent of employees meet with their managers one-on-one once a month or less, while an additional 12.2 percent of respondents almost never meet with their managers. For the study, Emplify surveyed 1,000 employed individuals from across the U.S. 

As the saying goes, “Employees leave managers, not companies.” If managers at your organization don’t put in the effort to build relationships with their direct reports, employee engagement will likely decline — and your top employees might even start looking for jobs elsewhere. In fact, the Emplify study also found that 73 percent of the employees surveyed are currently open to new career opportunities.

What can your team do to ensure managers are building rapport with employees — and boosting productivity as a result? Here are three steps that can help.

1. Set expectations and goals from the start.

The last thing any employee wants is to start in a new role without having an understanding of what it will take to succeed in that role. To set new employees up for success, it’s important for your managers to meet with each new hire during his or her first week to set day-to-day and long-term goals. 

For example, if you have a new sales hire, the day-to-day goal might be to make a certain number of calls. When it comes to bigger-picture goals, he or she might need to reach a certain quota to get promoted. By ensuring each new hire understands their goals from the beginning, your employees will be motivated to reach and exceed these goals, which will not only help them grow but will contribute to your overall business success

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