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Need trainers in huge numbers to impart skill to 50 crore people: Skill Development Secretary Ravi Mital

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About 50 crore people need to be skilled in the next few years and for that there is a need of lakhs of trainers, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Secretary Ravi Mital said in Friday. He said that role of trainers is key in promoting skills.

“About 50 crore people needs to be skilled in next few years… and if we have to take India to the next level, skilling our people is absolutely essential and in this regard the role of our trainers becomes more important… We have to create an army of hundreds and thousands and lakhs of trainers because they will be needed to train 50 crore people,” he said.

He was speaking during announcement of Kaushalacharya Awards 2021, honouring skill trainers.

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