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Never Accept Your Employer’s Counter-Offer

Source | LinkedIn : By Andrew Cerrone

You’ve been hunting for months for a new job offer. You’re just not happy with one, some, or all parts of your current job, and it’s been stressful to say the least. Finally, after constant interviews, follow-ups, follow up interviews, follow up interview follow-ups, and hesitant follow up calls as to your applicant status, you finally get the job offer. It might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s a step in the right direction. Maybe the company has more to offer you in terms of benefits, or growth, or maybe the pay is closer to what you think you’re worth. Whatever the case is, you are happy with the offer. Happy enough to leave your current employer, at least.

The time comes to meet with your boss and break the news. Maybe you despise them and you revel at the thought of watching them realize that one of their hardest working employees realized their value. Possibly, you like your boss, and feel bad- or even worse, guilty- for leaving them to clean up the mess that will inevitably get left behind because of the time between your last day and the first day of your replacement, which will likely be months down the road. Either way, you figure out exactly what you want to say, prepare and compose yourself, and head down to their office.

You tell them why you’re leaving. They may be supportive and realize this is the best decision for your career. They may realize the work that’s about to fall on them, and ask them if you realize the position you’ve left them in. You talk about how your final days with the company will play out, who you will help train for your transition to cover your work load.

Before you leave the office, your boss asks you how much would it take to stay. You hadn’t really thought about it, to be honest. You were so focused on finding a new position it didn’t even occur that they would counter. So you say, ‘Give me your best offer”.

A few days pass. Your desk is nearly clean, your files have been assigned, and you’re helping answer questions your colleagues have. The big boss shows up today. Your boss calls you down to his office, and the big boss is there. The big boss writes a figure on a piece of paper, and slides it across the table to you. “Don’t tell anyone we made you this offer,” and waits for your response. The figure is much higher than you could have ever expected, and your heart races at the thought of what you can do with the extra money. A new car. Not just a vacation, but an all-expenses vacation. But your mind has already started thinking about your new opportunity waiting just outside the door. They need an answer by the end of the day. What do you do?

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