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Never lie on your resume: 5 repercussions of lying in your CV

Lying on your resume may seem like a small mistake, but it can lead to dire consequences, including loss of opportunity, reputation damage, licence cancellation, mental stress, and even legal trouble. Many companies invest in technologies that can make the employee screening process easier and more effective, such as advanced modes of verification. One lie can lead to another, so it's best to embrace honesty, which will support your career in the long run

Source | | Riya Tandon, ET Online

When it comes to hunting for jobs, the first thing that strikes our mind is drafting an outstanding resume. This document is responsible for delivering a positive first impression about you to prospective employers. So, it’s extremely important to project the most authentic version of yourself on your resume. So fabricating and lying in the hopes of impressing recruiters can get you in trouble .

According to experts, most employers spend less than five minutes reviewing a resume. However, their expertise gives them the capability to quickly catch a lie or two within those few minutes. Sometimes the lies get caught during in-person interviews. And not to forget, almost every company conducts a background check on each candidate before hiring them. So, it doesn’t matter how big or small the lie is, it won’t go unnoticed by the scrutinising eyes of the recruiters.

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