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Never make these 7 job interview mistakes ‘that will instantly destroy a first impression,’ says CEO of 20 years

By | Gary Burnison |

It’s a statistic you’ve probably heard before: It only takes a few seconds for people to make a judgment about you, especially when it comes to job interviews.

During that very short time, a hiring manager will make crucial determinations about you, including your likability, your trustworthiness, how aggressive or passive you seem and how well you would fit in with others on the team.

As the CEO of a large job recruiting firm, I’ve seen a lot of sloppy job interviewing mistakes in my decades-long career. Here are some of the biggest that will instantly destroy a first impression:

1. Lying, exaggerating or inflating

You tell the hiring manager that you’re still working at your last job, even though you’ve already quit, or you were fired. You want to appear more desirable, so you make it seem like you’re still at that company.

Big mistake! Lying is disrespectful to the interviewer, and you can never recover from it. Even some of the best CEOs and employees have been let go — it’s not the end of the world.

Someone will verify the facts of what you say, so always tell the truth. People want to know who you are, not discover who you aren’t.

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