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New Approaches Are Needed To Cultivate AI Talent

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We now live in the world of AI and there’s plenty of talk about what the future holds. With doubts about the future everywhere, one can predict that AI is soon going to be a key part of our lives.

Considering the likely future impact of AI, there’s a need to ensure that the right AI talent develops and rises to the top to lead this wave of change. According to several key leaders from Huawei, this can only be achieved by changing certain approaches.

As a Huawei partner and a member of Huawei’s Key Opinion Leader Program, I joined three other experts in conducting keynotes at Huawei Connect in Shanghai, all related to the question of how to develop talent in the AI era: Dr. Hao Lu, Chief Innovation Officer at Yitu, Huang Weiwei, Senior Management Consultant for Huawei, and Qian Wang, the Co-Founder of Mai Mai.

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