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New Fortune 100 CEO Study: The Top Graduate Schools Attended By Fortune 100 CEOs

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What are the career choices that help prepare a few, select individuals to make it to the top of Fortune 100 (F100) firms? Specifically, are there educational institutions that do a better job of putting leaders on a path to F100 CEO?

To find out, I looked into the backgrounds of the F100 company CEOs and identified several factors associated with their career paths: undergraduate schools, undergraduate degrees, graduate schools, graduate degrees, educational majors, functional emphasis, the number of years at their current company (at which they are CEO), and the companies that produce more CEOs (methodology below). In other articles, I have explored the undergraduate schools most attended by F100 CEOs, the number of firms F100 CEOs have worked for, and the early career choices of F100 leaders. In this article, I investigate the graduate degree decisions of the F100: 1) how many obtained graduate degrees, 2) percentage from public / private schools, and 3) the type of degree.

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