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New Requirements For Agile Leadership: How To Lead Differently For Agile Success

Source | | Tracy Brower

You know agile is a new and important way of working which leads to greater results for companies. But did you know that leadership can make or break an agile effort? For agile to be successful, you must lead differently.

It’s not enough to be a great leader generally. Agile leadership requires new skills and approaches.

Agile Leaders Are Transparent

Often, leaders say they value transparency. But what they really mean is they want to know what their teams are doing at all times. Transparency in agile leadership requires leaders who are transparent about their own work—sharing information about what they’re working on, about broader business goals and regarding the priorities that should guide their teams’ work.

Agile Leaders Get Out Of The Way

Agile leaders ensure teams are informed about the business strategy and context surrounding their work, and then they get out of the way. They check in rather than checking up on their teams. And they empower employees to work through issues and solve problems.

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