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New survey says these are the 3 most annoying co-worker habits—here’s how to handle them

By | Morgan Smith |

The relationships you have with your co-workers are some of the most important – and complicated – ones you’ll have in your life. These people can be trusted confidantes, mentors or allies that help you climb the corporate ladder. 

But a bad colleague can make you dread going to work, even if you love your job. In fact, new research from Quality Logo Products has found that more than 90% of Americans have a co-worker that annoys them, and 57% of people have considered quitting, or left their jobs, because of an annoying co-worker.

The company surveyed 1,902 U.S.-based employees in February about the behaviors they find most irritating in their colleagues. 

Working from home hasn’t done much to alleviate the tension either, as 55% of people reported that they still get annoyed with their co-workers several times a week in a remote vs. in office environment.

Their top pet peeves for remote colleagues include slow responses to emails or instant messages, excessive background noise on calls, and eating on camera. 

Here are the three most annoying co-worker habits according to Quality Logo Products and how to handle them: 

1. Interrupting 

Interruptions are one of the most common problems in virtual meetings as it’s hard to tell when someone’s about to unmute their microphone, done speaking or dealing with an internet lag. 

“We all have to have some grace around technological issues when we’re on calls,” career coach Letisha Bereola tells CNBC Make It. “Interruptions are almost inevitable at this point, so try to brush it off and not take it too personally.” 

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