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New To Leadership? 15 Effective Ways To Transition From Team Member To Manager

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Moving from individual contributor to team leader creates a positive career trajectory toward professional growth. While you may be excited and ready to take on the extra responsibilities, it’s important to anticipate potential power struggles or hurt feelings over your promotion.

The first and most important obstacle to tackle may be reintegrating your former peers into a strong team with you at the helm. To help with the transition, 15 Forbes Coaches Council members provided their best advice for creating healthy team dynamics that will allow you to excel in your new managerial role.

1. Demonstrate Your Leadership Qualities

Leadership is about creating inspiration, influence and impact. At the heart of it lies compassion and authenticity. Let your co-workers see these qualities in their experiences with you. Show that you are invested in their growth and willing to listen and understand their motivations and challenges. Be clear in your communication, draw boundaries and bring the team together with a shared vision. – Ruchi Shah-Mehta, Big Impact Coaching

2. Ask Questions And Listen To Your Team

You are not their peer anymore; now is the time to understand what motivates your team, determine their strengths and get to know how to lead each person. One size does not fit all, and getting to know what motivates team members will help you build a strong relationship. Also, be clear on your expectations. They are looking to you to lead them. – Kathy Lockwood, Blue Water Leadership Coaching

3. Have Open Dialogue And Set Boundaries

Know that you will need to shift the approach in how you show up for your team. They will be evaluating you through a different lens, using a different measurement. A shift does not feel the same as an abrupt change, yet it is also not vague or confusing. Having open dialogue and setting boundaries are good ways to begin to establish expectations. Be patient. Building a new team dynamic and culture takes time. – Lindsay Miller, Reverie Organizational Development Specialists

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