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#Nextchat: Women in HR Technology #HRTechConf

Source |  |  BY: Mary Kaylor, Manager of Public Affairs for SHRM

Not too long ago, women who worked in the technology industry or in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers would tell you that they were often the only female in the room.

Times are changing, though, and while more women are choosing to pursue STEM careers, they continue to face challenges as they pursue promotions in these high-growth fields.

The formal and sometimes hidden organizational practices and attitudes that exist in these industries tend to reinforce some of the roadblocks that limit women’s advancement. Compounding the problem are customers, such as an example cited in SHRM Connect, who requested “to have his account transferred to a male because he doesn’t like working with women.” 

And so the debate continues as to why the struggle still exists.   

In August, Google engineer James Damore fanned the flames of this debate when he posted a 10-page memo claiming that women may be unsuited for tech jobs.

Was he right? 


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