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Nine disruptors we should keep an eye on

Source | Live Mint : By Sidin Vadukut

One of the finest brand taglines ever has to be the one Swiss watch brand Audemars Piguet (AP) uses: “To break the rules you must first master them”. It is a tagline that both reiterates AP’s position on the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking, but also gives it the licence to do new things without raising too many eyebrows. It gives it legitimacy in the past and in the future.

For most of the last nine years, all of us at Mint have tried to adhere, more or less, to this “legitimacy-led” vision of how we want the newsroom to work.

There are rules—there are many, many rules—and everyone is expected to master these rules of composition, reporting, attribution and storytelling. And as we master these rules we are all constantly looking at ways of experimenting with the idea of a business newsroom.

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