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No — I Won’t Beg You To Hire Me

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan


Dear Liz,

I’ve been job-hunting for four months and your articles have been an invaluable source of advice and moral support.

I know I have marketable skills because I helped my last company grow from nothing to $10 million and then get sold — that’s why I am job-hunting now. Now that I’m on the market again, I get interviews. I just haven’t gotten the right job yet.

Since the end of November I’ve been talking with a $40 million vendor in my area. They make an online training platform. It’s considered a decent product but not one of the best in its category.

I was polite but relatively blunt in my Pain Letter to the CEO and he called me back right away. We had a good talk that day and since then, I’ve been to their facility four times.

The first time I met the CEO and the VP of Marketing. Then I went back and met the CTO and the CFO for lunch.

The third time, we had a “brainstorming session” with a whiteboard and scoped out my role — the CEO, VP of Marketing and a few other people were there.

Then last week the CEO wanted to have lunch with me alone. I asked him “What is the next step in our process? I am eager to get started — if you need my help.”

He said “We do need your help!” We defined the role very specifically and agreed on salary and bonus. He said “We’ll get an offer letter in the mail.” That was last Thursday, so the offer should have arrived by now.

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