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No — I Won’t Complete The ‘Confidential’ Employee Survey

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I work for a VP who is very smart and capable but also has some massive leadership issues. He is brash and often impolite. He gets into arguments with the other VPs and the CEO.

I never know from day to day whether my boss “Tim” is going to settle down and relax or whether he’s going to quit.

It’s unnerving but it’s been going on so long I’m used to it. Tim has no fans on the senior leadership team. They need his experience but personally they can’t stand him — especially our CEO.

Tim’s war with the executive team is not the only energetic disturbance in the company. A former division head who was in a battle with the CEO just quit and several key employees have left recently, very close together.

Now they’re sending around a ‘confidential’ employee survey. HR sent us an announcement about it. The message was heavy-handed.

Basically it said that they strongly, strongly recommend that we fill out the survey and they would know who completed it and who didn’t, but then they also swear that everything we put on the survey form is confidential.

The company is quickly becoming a snake pit.

There’s no way I’m going to complete that survey. There are only seven of us on my team. “Tim” will know immediately if I write anything remotely real on the survey.

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