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No, I Won’t Do Your Job For You — So Quit Asking

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I have a problem that might sound trivial but it isn’t. It’s driving me crazy, in fact.

I work on a six-member team of account reps. Four of my teammates are great co-workers, but the fifth one is a pain in the neck.

“Melanie” is great with customers on the phone, but her follow-through is horrible.

She has said more than once “I don’t understand why I have to do all this paperwork,” but the truth is that we don’t have very much clerical work to do.

We have to update purchase orders and create sales proposals but the templates already exist. We just have to fill in the blanks.

Since I started the job Melanie has been trying to shove her work onto me.

The first few times she tried it, I figured that she was just temporarily swamped and needed some help, so I helped her. I guess that was a mistake.

Finally I realized that every time I agreed to help her out, she came around the next day with more favors to ask. Sometimes she stops by more than once in the same day.

The worst part is that Melanie is sweet and full of compliments when she wants something. It’s kind of disgusting, honestly, how she fawns and giggles.

When she doesn’t need a favor, Melanie is brittle and snippy. I’ve been asking my teammates why Melanie always comes to me for help and they say “She comes to you for help because John, her last victim, got wise to her game and stopped helping her.”

I asked John how he got Melanie to back off and he said “I just told her to leave me alone.”

That sounds kind of harsh and it’s not my personality to be so blunt. At the same time I have to set a boundary with Melanie. How should I do it?

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