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No One’s Coming To Save You (and why that’s actually hopeful news) | Nicole Smolinski | TEDxUCIrvine

Source | YouTube | TEDx Talks

What really makes for a “happily ever after” story? In this talk, Nicole incorporates creative, thematic storytelling to dismantle the (perhaps unconscious yet certainly pervasive) belief that someone will come and rescue us from our reality, and that we should eagerly wait on and be grateful for that external rescuer in our lives. Her intention is to highlight the through-line between what we might unintentionally absorb from our culture, how it interacts with our unique and individualized past experiences, and where that leaves our sense of self, or lack thereof, today. She takes the audience through this dismantling by interweaving these deeper societal messages with tidbits of her professional work as well as her own personal story

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