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‘Nobody needs my advice’

Says Ram Charan, who advises some of the world's best-known and most successful CEOs

Source | | Suveen Sinha

Long after the interview with Ram Charan has ended, the abiding feeling is one of regret. For, three questions remain unasked: What does he do with his money, does he have any friends not related to his work, and does he ever laugh?

Why, you might wonder, we would want to pose such personal questions to the world’s best-known CEO coach. The reasons are simple. One, far more eloquent articles than this have already been written on Ram Charan, the professional; two, he did not give even a hint of a smile during a long session at BT MindRush, nor at this interview that followed; and third, Ram Charan the person, at 75, is no less intriguing than his professional version. Find out for yourself in this edited excerpt of the interview.

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