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Non-verbal communication – An important skill to ensure effective connect

Source | | Dr.Meenu Sareen | Industrial Psychologist, Trainer, Coach

There is this old joke. In an organisation, a superior, wanting to praise the performance of his subordinate during his performance appraisal, wrote a very sincere comment; “He works hardly”.

In written communication, we often find the communication either ineffective or leading to miscommunication. The reasons could be many, but a common one is lack of language skills.Those of us who deal with cross cultural work situations realise that language is also culture specific; hence leading to misunderstanding of messages. These issues persist, despite the fact that we do have an advanced level of language expertise, due to the multi-language environment.

When Verbal communication misses the target

As an HR professional, I come across highly qualified technical people, but still do not find them recruitment worthy. One typical reason is ‘Lack of Communication Skills’. As a Career Transition Coach, I always advise my coachees that the end goal of the written communication should be a face-to-face meeting with the recruiters.

In every verbal communication, there would be a desired end result, which is not met. So what is it that goes missing in a written or spoken communication?

So many times I have questioned the intent of the sender for sending me a mail; and in so many face-to-face situations, I have felt that the speaker does not mean what he or she is saying.

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