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We are not hiring you but thanks for coming!

Source | The Economic Times : By Namrata Singh

MUMBAI: Every candidate who is interviewed at the chairman’s level at RPG Enterprises but is not selected is sent a personal letter by Harsh Goenka along with a music CD. At Toppr, an online learning platform in the edutech sector, the stress levels of candidates being interviewed for jobs is eased by providing them an ‘insider friend’ who can help them seek any information they require. Other practices followed by companies while dealing with candidates being interviewed include offering letters of acknowledgement to those rejected and thanking candidates for interest shown in the organisation.

However, such practices are not widespread. In a candidate experience survey by Antal India consultants, a large majority of candidates did not have a good experience during interviews last year (see graph).

We are not hiring you but thanks for coming!

This would have impacted the employer brands of several companies. A bad perception can lead to a negative referral for a company . In a mar ket where skill sets are in high demand, a negative perception may have a crippling effect on a company’s ability to attract talent. The survey covered 488 respondents from middle management to senior management and CXO levels across India.

Joseph Devasia, MD, Antal International India, said, “One negative experience and the employer brand is damaged to quite an extent.Word of mouth, social media, other digital platforms have made it easier for candidates to go vocal about their bad experience. In the case of a good candidate experience, it helps you build a strong follower base that speaks highly about your brand regardless of the outcome of their job application.“ Anything from lack of feedback post-interview to poor logistics can lead to a bad candidate experience. For some companies, a bad candidate experi ence can happen when they are dealing with headhunters through the entire journey. It can be insensitive and it can go against the company if it has called off a position and the headhunter doesn’t convey the same to the candidate. At RPG, we take over from headhunters the moment the candidate is brought in direct contact with us. A candidate may or may not get selected post interview, but we make sure his or her experience is of a high order and the candidate continues to be brand ambassador for us,“ said S Venkatesh, president (group HR), RPG Enterprises.

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